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"Whether it’s a cupcake, a personal fondue pot, a slice of hazelnut cake topped with pears and cranberries, or a steaming mug of hot cocoa, Naked Chocolate Café has you covered.." Jen A. Miller
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" ...the most devoted chocoholics have already discovered the café's even richer “sipping chocolate”—pure molten bliss..." April White
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"After sampling a dazzling array of ganaches, you can take home your selections in a colorful and artistic edible box." Clay Gordon
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6 ABC News

"Naked Chocoate Cafe... Hey, don't ask me. I don't know why it's called that either but the desserts are HOT.
" Don Polec
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Philly Inquirer
When did hot chocolate grow up?

"While no one was looking, hot chocolate went from Nestle's Quik to a rich, sensual pleasure," says Tom Block, who started Naked Chocolate Cafe...


"Naked Chocolate is the place to revel in one of
life's great pleasures.
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"Forget about plain old tea or coffee.
There's a new way to stay warm as the chillier days arrive...."

"...for a sultry evening, try the "classic" frozen drinking chocolate..."

Citi Paper

"Tom Block is deep in chocolate..." read more


"...slip into a moment of rapturous, chocolate-coated silence." read more

Around Philly
"I couldn't help but notice how they each wore the same enraptured expressions, like they just had great sex - by chocolate." read more


Hear Naked Chocolate Cafe owner Tom Block interviewed by KYW's Hadas Kuznits...(8/25/06)

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